School Discos

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School Discos
The discos are a much loved part of school life for the younger DCHS girls, and they bring in valuable funds for the school, raising over £4,300 last year. But discos don't organise themselves! The parent who has run them for the past three years is stepping down this year, and we urgently need a new leader. A small team of parents would be ideal to share the responsibility. You would be fully supported by the current leader as you take over the role. Questions or comments? We'd love to hear from you: Disco Enquiry.


Welcome to Dr Challoner's High School, Parents' Association website.  Here you will find information on forthcoming events, a calendar, descriptions of our aims and work and some ideas that you might like to get involved in.  You will also find flyers and application forms within the events section and up to date details (login required) of the PA finances and meeting minutes.

The purpose of the website is to inform parents about the work of the PA and of available events and ways in which you can support the school and your daughters.